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Mediceutics Slimming Dietary Supplement

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Mediceutics Body Firming and Refining Gel-Cream

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Mediceutics Concentrated Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplement, concentrated drinkable solution of plants with draining and depurative action

Guarana (Caffein), Papaya, Pineapple, Green tea, Chicory, Dandelion, Ash tree, Quack grass, Birch, Meadowsweet
Natural origin: 98%

Dietary supplement is a concentrate of plants with draining and depurative properties. Its unique formula has been optimized for a large spectrum detox action. Plants that activatethe release and the metabolism of fat (Guarana, Papaya, Pineapple) have been combined with draining plants (Dandelion, Meadowsweet, Chicory, Quack grass), diuretic plants (Birch, Ash tree,Green tea) and plant with appetite-suppressant effect (Ash tree).
The formula was completed with fructo-oligosaccharides and an extract of green algae, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Fructo-oligosaccharides are endowed with prebiotic properties, that is to say they promote the proliferation of probiotic bacteria (for a balanced microbiota). At optimum concentration, these plants help restore a more harmonious silhouette, eliminate water retention and cellulite.



Slimming Dietary Supplement
Bromelain, Papain, Caffeine, Green tea, Vitamin B6, Chromium
Natural origin: 75%

Dietary supplement with a combination of ingredients that helps restore a more harmonious silhouette. This dietary supplement helps the breakdown of fat deposits (caffeine and dry extract of green tea), eliminates water and fat residues (bromelain and papain), regulates the metabolism (vitamin B6) and helps maintain a normal blood glucose level (chromium). It is thus to be taken to reshape body contour and eliminate excess of fat deposits.


Body silhouette firming and refining gel-cream

Caffeine, Organic silicon, Coffee seed oil, Phytosterols
Natural origin: 84%

REMODELANT CORPS is a firming body cream that contains mainly free caffeine, a source of bioavailable organic silicon, coffee seed oil and vegetable sterols from rapeseed.
Thanks to the massage carried out on the localized body parts, the pleasantly-scented body cream helps firm and tone the skin, refine the silhouette, diminish the localized excess of fat deposits and blur the skin orange peel aspect.

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